CAMTC: California Dreamin’, or a Nightmare?

The CAMTC (CA Massage Therapy Council) is under duress, as the saga of AB 1822 continues. In a letter dated May 10, to CA State Assemblyman Jerry Hill,  Beverly May, the Chair of CAMTC, states that the lawmakers are operating on false information.

In answer to rumors that the CAMTC has a backlog of 35,000 applicants, May states that is false and that the Council is completely up to date with applications. Furthermore, states May, a lobbyist is responsible for spreading the baseless rumor that a study had shown that the CAMTC has approved a huge number of applicants that should have been denied, a charge that she dismisses. In fact, May’s letter indicates that the CAMTC has denied over 3,200 applicants that were previously approved by local governments under the old way of doing things.

The CAMTC is trying to move massage therapy forward in a place with no previous statewide practice act and it’s an uphill battle, without even counting the lobbyist spreading false information.

Every massage therapist in CA should be protesting this bill. It is referred to as an “anti-prostitution bill,” but it should be referred to as anti-massage. At best it is a misguided attempt to stop prostitution and human trafficking.  If enough massage therapists just sit by and remain silent, it’s going to be ratified, and you can line up at your local police station to be treated like a common criminal.

You can go to this link to see the latest action on the bill and use the link at the top of the page to make a comment.

Peace & Prosperity,

Laura Allen

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