‘Tis the Season

No, I’m not talking about Christmas…although the retail world seems to force it down our throats earlier every year, it’s not quite time for that. I’m talking about politics, particularly the politics of massage.

I’ve had a good little hiatus this summer from reporting on all the political happenings, but it’s that time of year when state legislatures start reconvening, the lobbyists come back from vacation, and things start cranking up. And then there’s a trifecta of organizational goings-on: next week, the AFMTE will meet, then in October the annual meeting of the FSMTB and the week after that, AMTA National Convention.

You can keep up with what’s going on in your state by several means. AMTA’s legislative update page is available for viewing by anyone, not just members. ABMP notifies their membership about any legislative matters of concern in their state. Your state board’s website should list any pending rule or practice act changes. And bear in mind that due to the nuances of the way government operates, a legislative change concerning massage may not be listed as such on your state’s legislative website. Legislative changes are often listed under the heading of the major name of the bill, like SB 102, Expansion of Highway Department–with some regulation concerning massage attached to it, so it’s a good idea to visit your state’s site and type in “massage” in the search engine periodically when the legislature is in session.

Knowledge is power, people, so the best thing you can do for yourself and your profession is to keep yourself informed. I can’t keep up with every move that’s being made or every piece of legislation. I appreciate the heck out of it when people send me information about what’s going on in their states, because my network is a big one and at least I can help get the word out that people need to take some sort of action. I just can’t keep up with every move that’s being made or every piece of legislation. Blogging is only my hobby…I have a real job to attend to 🙂

Peace & Prosperity!