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Announcing a Brand New Course from Laura Allen and Dorel Lacatus. NCBTMB Approved for 21 CE Hours, this Teacher Certificate Course prepares you to become a massage therapy educator, or refresh and renew the skills you have if you are already teaching. Many of us learned by the old “trial by fire” method. It’s a lot easier when you’re well prepared!  Based on our new book, this is our collective experience as educators. Dorel is the owner of European Medical School of Massage.  We are co-authors of Advanced Strategies in Massage Therapy Education: A Step by Step Guide for Instructors.

Teacher Certificate Course

So, You Want to be a Teacher

Intake Protocols & SOAP Charting for Medical Massage

The Educated Heart: Roles & Boundaries

Using Research to Market Your Massage Therapy Practice

The Ethics of Working with People with Cancer

Ethics: Roles and Boundaries: 7 Misconceptions

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practic

 My ethics courses are based on The Educated Heart, originally authored by my friend and mentor, Nina McIntosh, and on the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the NCBTMB. Nina entrusted the future editions of the book to me, and I have authored the 4th and 5th editions.