Californication 911

The plot in California just keeps getting thicker. At this point in time, it’s practically sludge, straight from the sewer.

Proponents of CA AB 1822, and specifically President of the California Police Chiefs Association Susan E. Manheimer, have put forth the ridiculous claim that 57% of the applicants approved by CAMTC are known prostitutes, 32% were of questionable character, and only 11% legitimate massage therapists.

Massage Today editor Christine Bondurant has sent a letter to Susan E. Manheimer, President of the California Police Chiefs Association, demanding the proof of the data to support this. I will bet my last dollar it will turn out to be non-existent.

Speaking of dollars, one of my mentors suggested to me that when an action like this is taking place, it’s usually because someone stands to make money on it. Who would that be? If AB 1822 passes, control of massage therapists is going back to the localities. Do the police departments really make that much money on massage regulation? Is it their priority? I doubt it. In my neck of the woods, the police are too busy worrying about murderers and meth labs to pay any attention to massage therapists. Oh, once a year there will be a roundup of the prostitutes operating their “massage parlors” but it certainly isn’t at the top of the radar.

So who does stand to profit from this? Do the police chiefs put the money they collect from massage regulation into their private poker fund? Is Ms. Manheimer getting a cut? Is Arnold thinking it’s going to bail out the financially distressed government in the state of CA?

I think CA, and in fact all states, ought to create some revenue for themselves by legalizing prostitution. Get these people a board and a practice act, and let them buy a license and pay taxes like the rest of us. Legalize all drugs and sell them in the liquor store next to the tequila. The war on drugs certainly hasn’t accomplished anything.

In the meantime, every massage therapist in the state of CA needs to contact Manheimer and reiterate the request for proof the way Massage Today has. That ought to be a public document, if it even exists, which I doubt. Flood her office with polite requests asking to see the data. The address is Susan E. Manheimer, President, California Police Chiefs Association, POB 255745, Sacramento CA, 95865.

You can also visit the legislative webpage and follow the link at the top to make a comment. While it seems like a convenient thing to send an e-mail, the actual and visual impact of having a huge pile of paper arrive in her office will get more attention. It will take five minutes and a stamp.

Just Do It!

Laura Allen

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  1. Keep it up, Laura. You just might shake enough CA massage therapists our of their apathetic stupor to take action.

  2. Laura, your blog and the sheer amount of fabrication against the profession coming out of San Mateo and Sacramento had me thinking of Aragorn’s speech before the Black Gate. An hour when the battle seemed hopeless, but still he called on the bonds between us as humans to stand and fight.

    With only minor apologies, I paraphrase:

    Hold your ground! Hold you ground!
    Massage therapists, Massage practitioners, my colleagues!

    I see in your eyes, the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come, when the courage of the profession fails. When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of professionalism, But it is not this day!.

    An hour of onerous laws and abandoned tables, when our demands for truth and equatable regulation come crashing down. But it is not this day — this day we fight!

    By all that you hold dear in this good profession, I bid you stand, practitioners of Massage!

  3. Laura,
    Thank you for your continued updates on AB1822, Laura. Even though I had already sent my email letters to the Assemblymembers of the Appropriations Committee over the weekend, today I sent my own email to Susan Manheimer, San Mateo County Police Chief and President of California Police Chiefs Association, as suggested by Laura Allen.
    What a SURPRISE! Within the past half-hour I received a phonecall directly from one of her staff, Mr. Lovell, who countered my letter of request for the printed data by stating that the data has been “misconstrued by the media and the percentages stated were only representing those found in San Mateo County, NOT the entire State, and only of the applications received, NOT approved.” He also says that AB-1822 is intended to “refine” AB-731, not to detract from it. Yeah right. From the horses mouth…. He also said the Ms Manheimer has sent a response (of some kind) to Massage Today within the past couple of days.

    Just thought you’d like to know.
    Keep up your great work and updates.

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