NCBTMB and FSMTB: Long-awaited Collaboration in the Works

The NCBTMB and the FSMTB made a joint announcement this morning that I have long been hoping for. Leena Guptha, Chair of the NCBTMB, confirmed to me that the NCB will sign a letter of intent to withdraw completely from licensing examinations, which will mean the MBLEx will be the only licensing exam in the US, excepting New York and Hawaii, which both have their own state exams. This change is taking place November 1.

The FSMTB will support Board Certification, according to Guptha. “We are getting back to the roots of certification,” she stated, “honoring our original purpose.” Further details will be forthcoming soon, but for now, Guptha expressed to me that she hopes that the other massage organizations and the profession at large will support this action. I hope they do, too.


2 Replies to “NCBTMB and FSMTB: Long-awaited Collaboration in the Works”

  1. Ah, what did the Federation give up for this “collaboration”? I don’t read anything about the National being the sole CE body. I think the word Ms. Guptha is looking for is “surrender.”

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